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26.2.2015 Next week the shit hits the fan, big time. Click picture below and join the action.
Headbangers Boozing Night XIII

28.1.2015 Hey hey, The Howl is hitting the stages again. We will be sharing the stage with Sotajumala and Ravage machinery, check the dates and places ---->>
Other news as well, we are currently mixing the new album, dealing with cover arts and all that crap, anyhow the album will be out in march.

20.11.2014 More old stuff added to soundcloud! The Freak has born again EP from 2007 is now available there, check it out. PS. Video reports from the studio have been delayed because our video director/editor got turned into a newt...he got better though, and he's now working extra hard to get shit done. 

7.10.2014 Once again we have started the artistic, delicate and soul scorching process of making another album. Yes sir, we have now started to record our 3rd full length album, the usual studio reports will follow soon. 
We also updated our soundcloud page, our first album Skins of our backs is now available there.


24.9.2014 Hey hey hey! Quiet times in The Howl camp, but that's about to change. We have been writing new songs at our rehearsal room, and soon it's again time to start recording those bastards. We don't have any stupid videos to post yet, but rest assured, as soon as we get those they will be made available. While waiting for more news check out our soundcloud page, we will be adding material there every once in a while.

5.11.2013 The Howl is back by the lathe (as they say in Kyläjoki). We will be playing at Nordic Rage Metal Festival in Boden, Sweden. Remember also to check out Inverse records new webstore and get yourself some metal.

23.4.2013 Reviews & Interviews:

1.3.2013 If you squeeze my lizard, I'll put my snake on you.....

17.8.2012 We will be sharing the stage with Slowgate and Syöveri, click on the poster below for more info.

6.8.2012 Loose ends is now available at Spotify.

1.8.2012 Loose ends hits the stores today, go and get it. If you are too lazy to go outside order it from: or dowload it from:

25.7.2012 Pre-order the new album from:

- Levykauppa Äx
- Inverse store

22.5.2012 This time it's safe to say that all is not quiet on the western front. Release date for the new album has been set to 1st of August. The Album is called Loose ends, released via Inverse records, and you can pre-order it here See the music section for track listing and cover artwork.

6.3.2012 Here's the second studio report.

24.2.2012 Recordings are now 95% done, only some minor finishing touches left to do and then we are off to the mixing room. BTW our video editor got back from his holiday, and it seems that we'll be seeing the second studio report sometime soon.

The Howl (at Boat Island Studios, february 2012)

1.2.2012 Here's the first studio report, enjoy.

25.1.2012 Newsflash from the studio: Drums recorded (14 new songs) and currently working on guitar and bass tracks. Video reports coming soon, meanwhile visit our facebook page for some studio photos.

21.12.2011 Yay, a few more weeks and we'll once again enter the studio. New songs are ready and we are more than excited to get them on tape. And as usual, pointless/crazy video matrial from the studio will be posted here on a regular basis, as soon as we get things rolling.

The Howl (at Boat Island Studios, december 2011)

13.12.2011 Read what The Metal Forge has to say about Skins of our backs.

12.10.2011 We have been writing new songs for the past few months and so far we have about 10 songs ready. While waiting for the new songs, check out these previously unreleased tracks from the Skins Of Our Backs-sessions.

We also discovered a while ago that guitar strings, drum skins and other important tools needed in the studio aren't really that cheap. To finance our studio costs we are selling our merch on special price. To order merchandise listed below send mail to

  • Skins of our backs CD + T-Shirt 13€ (Including postage in Finland)
  • The Freak has born again CD + T-Shirt 13€ (Including postage in Finland)
  • T-Shirts have the Skins of our backs album cover print (black & white), click to see it.

7.7.2011 We will be sharing the stage with the Lambs in Kokkola and Oulu later this month, see the live dates on the right.

8.6.2011 Reviews still keep showing up, read the latest from Lammas Zine (only in finnish).

1.6.2011 We changed our facebook page, new page can be found here

3.5.2011 HiYa, just letting you know that The Howl is still alive and well. In fact we are going into the studio later this month to record some new songs, we are not yet sure what we are going to do with those tracks but at least it's going to be an interesting project. In the meantime check out this killer live version of Frenzy gospel, recorded live at The Blues Station with no overdubs.

3.3.2011 Hey hey, new layout again. Deleted some old shit to make room for new shit, feel free to snoop around.


 Live dates:

Upcoming gigs:

6.3.2015 Hevimesta, Oulu

7.3.2015 Grande, Rovaniemi

Past gigs:

30.11.2013 Nordic Rage Metal Festival, Sweden

14.9.2012 Nuclear NightClub, Oulu

15.9.2012 Grande, Rovaniemi

22.7.11 The RockPub, Kokkola

23.7.11 Nuclear NightClub, Oulu

31.12.10 The Blues Station, Tornio

19.11.10 Nuclear NightClub, Oulu

1.9.10 Hevimesta, Oulu

23.7.10 Grande, Rovaniemi

24.4.10 The Blues Station, Tornio

16.4.10 Teatria, Oulu

4.12.09 Ykän Pub, Oulu

28.8.09 Tivoli, Rovaniemi

23.7.09 45 Special, Oulu

13.4.09 On The Rocks, Helsinki

21.11.08 JetSet night club, Tornio

22.11.08 Club kuusisaari, Oulu

29.8.08 45 Special, Oulu

1.8.08 Wacken Open Air, Germany

26.7.08 Qstock, Oulu

9.5.08 Föreningsgatan 7, Luleå, Sweden

28.9.07 Takitsu, Kemi

14.9.07 Park 57, Oulu

18.8.07 JetSet rockbar, Tornio

2.6.07 Hässäkkäpäivät, Oulu

19.4.07 AC Willisika, Oulu

17.2.07 Koodi, Kemi CANCELLED

16.2.07 Umpitunneli, Tornio

13.1.07 DarkBorder metal festival, Haparanda, Sweden

7.10.06 Teatria, Oulu

27.9.06 Cult Cinema, Tornio

23.6.06 LöözRok, Tornio

24.2.06 Lapland tattoo weekend

23.6.05 LöözRok, Tornio

11.2.05 Lapland tattoo weekend-CANCELLED

15.12.04 Umpitunneli, Tornio

20.8.04 Jalometalli, Oulu

23.6.04 LöözRok, Tornio

12.6.04 Umpitunneli, Tornio

27.4.03 WestPark, Tornio

23.3.02 Järjestötalo, Tornio

19.1.02 Taiteiden yö, Kemi

17.11.01 Karihaara, Kemi

25.8.01 Vallitunsaari, Kemi

7.4.01 Takitsu, Kemi

15.12.00 WestPark, Tornio

?.11.00 Legenda club, Tornio

28.4.00 Pleissi, Tornio

27.4.00 Press club, Tornio (CANCELLED)

29.3.00 Station, Haparanda Sweden

24.3.00 Nuorkka, Tornio

31.12.99 Finland/Sweden border, millenium party

?.11.99 Jesperi, Tornio

8.5.99 Jesperi, Tornio

22.11.98 Jesperi, Tornio

** some gig dates lost **